Top 100 Baby Names


Top 100 Baby Girl Names
We have compiled the top baby girl names from around the world. These names are not only cute but also have deep meanings. They reflect the current time yet are timeless. Read More>>
Top 100 Baby Boy Names
We have compiled the top baby boy names from around the world. The names are fun, classy and meaningful. If you have a baby boy due, then you wont find a better list at one place.  Read More>>
Popular Celebrity Names
Many of us who follow celebs have an idol which might change with age. Any and everything the celebs do become a fashion statement and everybody follows. While some of you might think of naming your baby after your favourite celebrity’s name, others might want to know how celebrities chose a name for their babies. Read More>>
Naming Baby With Initials
You grow up fall in love, make love and then make babies. So you are so much into love that you decide to name your baby after your initials or may be give them your love portmanteau blending the name of mum and dad to make your baby’s name, like some of the Hollywood stars. Yes, it is in vogue these days, but once even bell bottom trousers were. Read More>>
Naming Traditions
Christening your baby is a the first step towards their future. It is a very important event in the life. However this is a bizarre world and there are many unbelievable traditions when it come to naming a child. Here is some trivia about the various christening traditions around Read More>>
Selecting The Right Name
Now that you are expecting a new member to be added to your family, a very interesting job that is assigned to you is to think of a name for your darling. Babies are so cute that all you feel like calling them is angel, darling, cheese ball, love bug etc. And that is what you call them for the rest of your life even when they grow up. Read More>>
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