5 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Baby Name

For doing the best at a job it is more important to know what is not to be done than what is to be done.

When you are thinking of a suitable name for your baby then you should keep in mind that you do not make any mistakes from the list given below.
A name is generally an one-timedecision and that stays even after lifetime if your baby grows up to be a great human. This is one of the decisions you rightfully take for your baby and they have no role. So it is a huge responsibility on you.

No matter how much you like names like Teddy or Pony or Piggy, don’t give them these names. Just kidding!

Here is a list of do nots while deciding your baby’s name:

1) Do not name your baby based on location like London or Sydney

Though it is totally up to you to name your name even a potato but naming after locations doesn’t really sound sensible. You are naming a human, you did not give birth to a city!!
And name of a person should make it outshine that you are talking about a human! Don’t name them animal or plants either. But those who do not agree, baby names of girls after flowers like Daisy, Poppy etc. is a strong argument.

2) Do not name your baby with names that have a negative meaning.

Don’t even call out your baby by names like donkey, idiot or dunch. Calling by a negative identity really affects the brain. Identities work like if you label a loyal person as a cheater, the person loses hope of convincing you that they are not so. In the end they do the wrong things with the thought that it doesn’t matter. After all this identity has already been labelled to them.

3) Don't name your babies with a common pet name like Poodle.

Don’t do that, never ever. Common pet names are known by all like Sniffie or Rio or Tommy. People will always mimic like they are calling their pet and mock your baby. Your pet might get jealous too!! That why a common name but not a common treatment.

4) Don't name your baby which has a dual meaning.

You can refer to other texts, where there are words which have a dual meaning in the same language or in other languages. Try to get the most unique name. Also don’t name something that is very usual like Angel, John etc. These have long become obsolete. But these talks are not necessarily a rule, deciding your baby’s name is totally your decision.

5) It may be trendy to name your baby by your love portmanteau, but it can be a blunder.

These days a lot of people including celebrities are naming their babies after their love portmanteau. While some might accidentally make sense, most of them are totally dumb. Yes you can name them a similar sounding name. But tagging them with love names isn’t a smart decision.