9 Baby Names With Different Meaning In Different Languages

You need this trivia before finalizing your baby’s name to know what the name means in other languages. However, it may not be as important to some of you. But in the plethora of names available it is better to select others than these.
It is, however, an ideal option to select baby names which come from a single language and have no dual meaning.

These are the baby names with contrasting meanings:

1) Mist

Yes, your little baby girl can be named Mist. It is so adorable. Mist in English denotes the light fog during winters. However, the German meaning of Mist is manure. No not really a good choice for naming your Princess.

2) Nai

Thinking of going retro and stealing an old name like Nai? Yes according to the Mayan script it is a good option however it has some hidden funny meaning when other languages are taken into account. Nai in Persian derivatives means a barber. Another variation is in Hindi which is the mother tongue of a majority of Indians. There it means no. But in Mayan, it has a beautiful meaning saying ‘my dreams are real’.

3) Gary

Have a baby boy? Gary seems a catchy name that has been trending after the entrepreneur Gary Ven Chuk. Gary has originated from German and Norman words where ‘Ger’ means a spear. There are endless well-known people with the name Gary. However, in Japanese Gary means Diarrhoea! I’m Gary doesn’t sound normal anymore.

4) Hande

A very sophisticated name for girl ‘Hande’ is one of the most attractive names in Turkey. The name has the meaning ‘laughter’ according to Persian. Similar sounding words like Handy is English means something that can be easily maneuvered. In Hindi, it means a utensil with a flat base.

5) Angel

One of the most common names for girls Angel means a fairy in English. But the Dutch meaning of Angel is sting, totally opposite of fairy. While the German meaning of Angel is a fishing rod. Angel’s magic wand used to give such a poor fate to become a sting or a fishing rod!

6) Peach

When you are so obsessed with your little ones blush that you decide to name them peach. It is not a sweet thing according to Turkey lingo meaning a ‘Bastard’. It has a further embarrassing rather more obscene meaning in Albania referring to the intimate regions of a female.

7) Cookie or Koki

Cookie is more of a pet name. Cookie is the yummy biscuit which is baked and has some bits of nuts or chocolates.
However in Hungarian it refers to cock. Not the hen’s cock! No more hints are needed for those who know.

8) Chariot

Charlotte has a new version when you frame it to Chariot. In French it means a trolley that is used to carry things.

9) Mai

A cute name for girls ‘Mai’ in Japanese means dance or a similar sounding word means robe linen. While it also had relating to mother.