How To Select The Right Name For Your Baby?

Now that you are expecting a new member to be added to your family, a very interesting job that is assigned to you is to think of a name for your darling. Babies are so cute that all you feel like calling them is angel, darling, cheese ball, love bug etc. And that is what you call them for the rest of your life even when they grow up. But an official name is needed for formal purposes.

There is no limit to the list of names especially if you are a secular person. Naming your babies with rhyming names can be a cool thing.

1) Go for easy names
Don’t try to name your baby so uniquely that you end up naming them MacDonald Berger. Select the names that are easier to pronounce and also easily spelt. After all name in the one thing that is so personal yet we use it least when compared to other people using it to call us.
2) Let the name not become a tongue twister
Yes, indeed if you select a very complicated name, the entire life your baby is going to be called by the wrong name. Don’t chose Galileo Galillie unless you aspire to make your baby live up to that name.
3) The name should have a nice meaning
A nice meaning has a powerful impact. It is psychological fact that a person lives up to their name. Naming your baby after a great conqueror or emperor is both a good thing and a challenge being put up to them. Either they turn out to be great individuals or are bullied for the rest of their lives for having the particular name. This can be a demerit.
4) Name should not be very long
Even a normal name in the modern era is shortened like Matthew is shortened to Matt for making it sound cool. Imagine a long name like Geneivive will be shortened to gene. Your baby will always be called by half name and rarely be known by her real name.
5) The name you select shouldn't be shared by a genocide killer or any immodest personality
Despite the fact that Hitler once said that he is carrying ahead the job of Christ, you are not allowed to name your baby Hitler. Sharing the name of a detested personality can invite a lot of social hatred. And indeed on seeing your naive baby you don’t get such harsh names. But do check for any such instances where the name is common to such a person who has done things that are unacceptable by the ethical point of view.
6) Don't think of names that are too weird or funny
Your baby is not going to join the circus, right? So you don’t have to name them something like eel or seal or otter. These names will just make a laughing stock of them. Don’t get inspired by the Kardashian family to name your child as a direction of the compass needle. They are madly rich to do such things and yet not suffer any societal mockery.