Naming Your Baby With Your Initials

You grow up fall in love, make love and then make babies. So you are so much into love that you decide to name your baby after your initials or may be give them your love portmanteau blending the name of mum and dad to make your baby’s name, like some of the bollywood stars.

Yes, it is in vogue these days, but once even bell bottom trousers were. And now nobody likes them. But a name kept is forever even when you change it a part of people in your baby’s life would call her by the old name. And changing a name in itself is an exercise.

Well this article is my personal opinion based on facts.

Here I enlist the merits and demerits of naming your baby on your initials, and leave it up to you to decide whether or not  to board the bandwagon.

1) A name based on your initials will not have any meaning.
Indeed half of your name combined with half of beau’s name, would make no sense. The word will be a new vocabulary addition and in itself will be meaningless. A name with a good meaning has an extensive impact on the personality of a person.
2) It will simply showcases everyone your mad love.
The real essence of love is between two people. No matter how people show themselves to be a great couple, it is what happens behind closed doors that determines the bond shared by a pair. So may be when you reach your late thirties you will either be proud of how much you loved or will be really embarrassed when your baby gets bullied at school and questions you about naming him so.

3) Naming babies after your initials is cute but not smart.
Yes love portmanteau sound good only to you, to others they sound like pun. Naming your baby on your initials might make your love eternal for another 60 years. But sixty years will end!! And having a name after such a blend is not really encouraging when your baby will grow up and will have to quote it during official events.
But indeed it is very cute, to have a little life that has been made from parts of you two. But life doesn’t go lovey dovey. We are not living a fairytale.

4) Hardly anybody who meets your baby knows why is their name so unique.
If Brad and Angelina named their baby Brangelina, the world would come to know. But a common man who has a limited social circle doesn’t get this acknowledgement. You might be madly in love and to patronise it you might even officially name your child after your initials. But how many of the people who are going to come in his or her life know his parent’s name? How is it going to serve the purpose?
5) The name will indeed be very unique.
Yes this is a sufficient reason for those of you who want to do things that are out of the box.