Popular Celebrity Names

Most Popular Baby Names Among Celebrities

Many of us who follow celebs have an idol which might change with age. Any and everything the celebs do become a fashion statement and everybody follows. While some of you might think of naming your baby after your favourite celebrity’s name, others might want to know how celebrities chose a name for their babies.

Here are the most unique and  adorable names of celebs’ babies:

1) All of the names by Jamie Oliver and Jools Oliver
Jamie Oliver and Jools Oliver have five children Petals Blossom, River Rocket, Daisy Boo, Buddy Bear and Poppy Honey. They are the role models for any parent who is smitten by their baby’s cuteness and want to name her marshmallow. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to decide your baby’s name. Such cutesy names are adorable and very sweet to be called out. Imagine calling your little one while peek a boo “Daisy Boo”.

2) Bear Blaze
Kate Winslet with her current husband Ned RocknRoll have named their baby Bear Blaze. The story goes that Kate had gone for her vacation at a private island resort owned by Ned RocknRoll. There the resort room caught fire and Kate Winslet saved Ned’s mother. This incident made them fall in love and soon they got married. May be for making their love immortal they decided to name their little one after this incident. Officially the star kid has got his mother’s surname Winslet.

3) Wyatt

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the coolest celebrity couple who give us major relationship goals. When it came to name their baby, this cute yet sassy duo named her Wyatt. What? Yes she was their baby daughter. Naming girls after boys names has become a trend in Hollywood. There are others like Jessica Simpson who named her daughter Maxwell.

It was just a  random call by Ashton and Mila liked it. Their baby has the complete name Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher.

4) Charlotte
The royal baby Princess has been named Charlotte and has other public figures who share a common name. Her complete name however is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Charlotte has been a really popular name amongst celebrities. Just like Vivien or Vivian, which had been given by the Brangelina.

5) Sasha

Sasha is a name that is shared by many celebs and even one of Obama’s daughters. However the latter is actually Natasha. Sasha means defender of mankind. While the name has a beautiful meaning it also sounds hep. When you say Sasha automatically you get a very vibrant energy filling you. Naomi Watts, Shakira and Chris Hemsworth have also named their sons Sasha.

Other names like Saint, Harper, Jack, Journey river, Dreams, North West, Sydney Rain, Ava, Rocket, I said are also very popular and have been repeated by celebs for naming their kids.

However it is important to know that if a star names their baby a potato it can work. But for us we need to think twice before naming a child rocket or river. After all a name is for life.