The Effects Of A Name On A Baby

Why do we not call our baby by names like donkey? After all it is a name! Because it has an association with being a fool. So though Shakespeare did say ‘What’s in a name?’. A lot has to do with a name.

The first impression even before seeing someone is created by a person’s name. Most of the people know only your baby’s name and might never come to know anything else about your baby.

The meaning of your baby’s name has an extensive affect. Both psychological and social factors are involved in framing the effect the baby’s name has on your baby.

Effects of a name has been emphasised by religious texts too.

1) Effect of a funny baby name
A funny name always makes an image that is of a funny person. No matter even if the person shows at most seriousness, the moment their name is called it all vanishes. Naming your baby Bill Board isn’t going to get you a pat on your back. When a person who has a name that is funny or has a funny meaning, introduces himself or herself by mentioning their name all they get is muffled laughs and whispers.
2) Effect of a baby name that has an inappropriate meaning
Any name which has an obscene meaning or is shared by a immodest person such as an criminal or any ruthless king or public figure, gives an instant flash of memory of that particular person. Some religions preach to avoid giving such a name to your babies. It gets very difficult for the child to constantly battle the social seclusion. We need to know that we don’t have to get affected by what people think or say, but this is possible as mature adults. For a baby the task is very difficult and by the time they mature the incidents already have moulded the persona.

3) Effect of a baby name that has a common word in another language
We live in a multi linguistic world with infinite languages and even many more dialects. The sounds remaining limited hence there are many common sounding words and have totally contrasting meanings. So this might not have an evident effect but if you are a globetrotter then this might get amusing or embarrassing. For example Brat might mean naughty in English but it means brother in Russian, Polish, Serbian and Croatian.
4) Effect of a baby name that is after a celebrity
A celebrity’s name that is shared by your baby can have serious bullying cases. No it is not that the name has got a patent by that particular celebrity. Only reason to mention this is that one can avoid such a case, otherwise people always draw comparisons that may be pretty unwelcome.
5) Effect of a sweet sounding baby name
A name like Elsie or Cheryl or even Pia have a very sweet sound. Such names are very attractive and instantly catch your attention. A baby is already so adorable and naming her or him with a sweet sounding name locks the cuteness for life. No matter even if little Elsie grows up, calling Elsie will immediately bring back all the cuteness.