Top 10 Non Gender Specific Baby Names

While Hollywood is going head over heels for the new trend of giving boy names to girls, you can give it a thought too. Actresses like Mila Kunis, Jessica Simpson and others have named their baby daughters after names of boys.

Here is a list of names that are not gender specific:

1) Sasha

Sasha is a very popular names amongst celebrities. Sasha is used for both girls and boys. More than the name the meaning of Sasha is impressive. Sasha means ‘defender of mankind’. It is a name that is related to the great world conqueror Alexander. The name sounds very peppy too.

2) Max

Max has become popular for obvious reasons. Max is a gender neutral name that has full forms too. Max is not the abbreviation for maximum and instead of Maxiene or Maximillian or Maxwell. This name means great and whatever follows it. For instance Maxwell means great spring.

3) Alex

After Quantico Alex doesn’t need any further elaboration. Alex is not an abbreviation anymore. Alex comes from Alexander or Alexandra. Whether be the female version or male name Alexander it means the protector of human race. It hints a brave, strong and courageous person.

4) Blake

Yes Blake is a neutral name. When we think of Blake we think Blake Lively but there are men too who have this name. Blake has many meanings like uncertain, or Son of Lake.

5) Julian

Julian comes next in the list. If you are given a placard with Julian written on it can you really be sure whether the person is a girl or a boy? No right. Julian may be from Julia or Jules. It is generally associated with Julius Caesar.

6) Jamie

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan is the male icon with this name. However this one is used for girls too. And no its not unknown or weird, haven’t heard of Jamie Komarnicki? And when you change the spelling to Jaimie or Jame then you’d find even a higher number of women who have this name. Jamie in both Hebrew and Scottish means supplanter. It is basically a Scottish name. There is some biblical reference to it too.

7) Harper

Harper can be used for naming boys too. Harper is the folk musician or someone who plays the instrument called harp. While most of us know Harper Lee author of the best seller To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Beckham is the daughter of Victoria and David Beckham.

8) Jordan

Jordan again has a very masculine sound and is generally associated with Michael Jordan. However this is used for naming girls too. It is an African American name meaning descending. Though an African link the name was originally derived from Hebrew language.

9) Frankie

Revolutionary Road has Leonardo playing Frank, but he could have been Frankie too. As Frankie can be used for naming boys as well. Frankie Jonas from the defunct band Jonas Brothers, Frankie Manning, Frankie Valli and so many more. While their counterparts are fewer, despite the feminine ending of the name. Probably because the name means “a free French man”.

10) Kendall

Kendall Jenner and full stop. That’s all most of us know when it comes to this name. However Kendall is primarily a male name which has turned into a gender neutral name. Kendall Schimidt is the male counterpart with the name. Some locations too have the name Kendall!!