Top 10 Peppy Baby Names

A passionate name like Jordan or Angelina are one of the best jewels for a passionate personality. Different people have different priorities when they select a name for their baby, it may be religious beliefs or lineage trends. But more and more people now take the name as a style statement. Probably the reason why band musicians change their names to something funny. Read about effect of names on a baby

Here is a list of selected names that are peppy:

1) Tia
Tia is a baby name for girls. Its short and sweet. Tia is associated with a smart girl who never falls short of words. However fewer people know this, it is mainly taken as an abbreviation for Thanks in Advance or Transient Ischaemic Attack. But it a very popular name for girls.

2) April

Remember the dynamic Kate Winslet character April from Revolutionary Road? April is a very cute name just like the wonderful spring month. April has a mysteriously attractive vibe associated with it.

3) Diana

Diana after Queen Diana has become one of the most popular names. Diana is very authoritarian and at the same time has a feminine feel to it. Diana has its roots in divine when mentioned in English script. While Diana in Greek refers to the Goddess of childbirth and welfare of mankind.

4) Rock/Stone

This baby boy name is very hardcore for a baby. But as he grows up to become unrivaled as the mountains, this something he is going to feel blessed about. If you want your son to grow up into a strong steel willed person, this one is classic.

5) Sophie

Sophie is peppy, it is seductive and very exotic. Sophie has been used by many artists as their pen name. It means wise in Greek. Indeed the perfect blend for a girl beauty with brains.

6) Veronica

Much like the stylish Veronica in Archies comics, this name is so ultra modern. This name is just tailored  for your baby girl who loves to give the baby pout.

7) Hugo

The name Hugo radiates manliness. In fact it will be challenging to live up to the name. Just the ideal one for those of you who want their sons to become a sauve man.

8) Daniel

Daniel means ‘God is my judge’ and yes this name has been blessed to have a biblical reference. Daniel is a vintage baby boy name and is used as surnames too. It has an elegant appeal.

9) Jack

A Titanic fan doesn’t need any further arguments to support this one. Nevertheless Jack is a very gingery name, it can be used for a dashing guy who balances it all equally well with a cute charm yet a steel strength.

10) Angela

Angel is not used as frequently now, Angela is the new baby girl name. It’s an appealing name and does not very give the typical girl next door kind of feeling. Angela is contemporary and that gets it a place in the peppy baby names list.