Top 15 Adorable Baby Pet Names

Pet names have been used for showing affection, since time immemorial. And there is no hint that they might ever go out of fashion. Pet names have no boundaries you can name anyone who is associated with you by any name of your choice even tootty fruity!! ( Read top 100 names)

Here is a list of top 15 pet names your baby will love:

1) Love bug
This is one of the most commonly used one. Love bug makes such a cute image in your mind. Your little babe will love this one too. Bug hints at the tiny size of your baby.

2) Bubble

Your baby is like a little shinning Bubble. So delicate and fragile! Bubble might be even be repeated by her as Bub!! Bubble reminds me of the character Bubbles in the cartoon power puff girls.

3) Cheese Ball

The first thing that strikes anyone’s mind when they see a little baby is to kiss their chubby cheeks. Cheeks like cheese balls. Be careful before you go ahead, babies are very possessive of their pink marshmallows.

4) Snow Flake

Snowy, Icy, Snow flake, dewy, raindrop the purest forms of water for the purest beings on earth ‘babies’.

5) Boo

He loves the game Peek a boo? Name him boo then, it will put a wide smile on his face every time you call him ‘boo’. Even when he grows up, boo will be the best nostalgic phrase.

6) Princess

We don’t need to name to validate this, that our baby daughter is actually a princess descended from heaven. Daddies specially can use this one as they do treat their daughters like princesses.

7) Kitty

Your baby looks like a little kitten. Rolling with the ball and mewing for some extra milk. Giving her or him the pet name will make them squeak meow every time it is said.

8) Peppy

Nothing is more peppy for us than out little bumble bee. So call them peppy and they’ll open their mouth wide and reply back some crazy words.

9) Sweeta
Sweet as honey your baby gets a nice name ‘Sweeta”. Something you can use outdoors as well, but not when they grow up to be teens.

10) Penguin

Your baby walks like a Penguin with hands looking like flippers and feet toggling just like a Penguin. The moment you will call this name, they are going to wiggle wobble to come to you.

11) Grizzy

Your baby is a naughty one?? Name him Grizzy, the naughty bear wrapped in a cute name. The will growl back when you say Grizzy and Grizzy might even become a little mouse when needs food.

12) Cutie patootie

Cutie patootie is my favourite. For those of you who don’t know patootie refers to your baby’s bum. And I’m sure we love to pat them.

13) Twinkle

Your baby is your star. So call her by the name Twinkle. Some of them name them Twinkle too. And nothing is going to make them happier than when you’ll sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’.

14) Smoochie

You want to kiss your baby all the time. So call them Smoochie. Your baby is going to give you kisses every time you say ‘smoochie’. And they are going to get pissed off when you will say this once they are grownups.

15) Junior

And indeed for those of you who are very serious for getting mushy even for a pet name. Then junior and your name will be the aristocratic baby pet name.